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October 2017 Hawkeye H22PX Handheld Fathometer

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October 2017 Hawkeye H22PX Handheld Fathometer
August 2016 EdgeTech PORT LF Release Transponder
July 2016 EdgeTech PORT LF Release Transponder
April 2016 EdgeTech PORT LF Release Transponder
November 2015 TRDI StreamPro ADCP
October 2015 1977 GMC Motorhome
July 2015 Wildco Stainless Steel Hand Corer
June 2015 Bob Harman’s museum donations
April 2015 2 more InterOcean S4ADW Wave an Current Meters
March 2015 March 1954 Scientific American
February 2015 Buff & Berger Recording Current Meter
January 2015 2 Honda EU2000i Portable Generators
December 2014 Hilger Watts Helix Current Meter
November 2014 WaterLog H-500XL Data Logger
October 2014Wildco Petite Ponar Sediment Sampler
June 2014 600 kHz TRDI Channelmaster H-ADCP
April 2014 EdgeTech PORT Push Off Release Transponder
January 2014 20 years! Really?
December 2013 Taffrail Log? Recording Fathometer?
November 2013 Mode 12 High Rate Pining for TRDI Sentinel
October 2013 Azio BTD-V201 USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter
July 2013 We’ve added a Bathythermograph to our lease pool!
June 2013 TRDI RiverRay
May 2013 WildCo K B Gravity Corer.
April 2013 ENDECO 110 Direct Reading Current Meter
January 2013 Surf Zone SBE26Plus Wave and Tide Gauge Mount
November 2012 Stud-Link chain for mooring anchors
October 2012 Pingers and pinger locator.
September 2012 Looking for an Endeco Tethered Current Meter
June 2012 The TRDI Sentinel V ADCP
February 2012 Winter Wonderland
January 2012 Happy New Year!
December 2011 Merry Christmas!
November 2011 Happy Thanksgiving!
October 2011 Kelvin Hughes Direct Reading Current Meter
September 2011 Ponar Sediment Grab
March 2011 The Uninvited Guest
February 2011 Campbell Scientific (D&A) OBS3A
January 2011 Ready for 2011
November 2010 Happy Thanksgiving!
September 2010 TRENDNet USB to Serial Port Adapters
August 2010 Windows 7, lost configuration files, and Virtual Store
June 2010 Two new Sea-Bird SBE19PlusV2 CTD
February 2010 SBE39 Temperature and Depth Recorder
December 2009 Columbia River ADCP Deployment
November 2009 ADCP Deployment off Catalina Island
October 2009 2 more Turner Designs SCUFA Rhodamine Fluorometers
September 2009 425' Van Veen grabs with the Pac
August 2009 SMTP port 25 blocked by most ISP
May 2009 Simple, compact, shippable ADCP bottom mount frame
January 2009 SCUFA software error and workaround.
December 2008 Warm Holiday Wishes from OARS, LLC!
October 2008 USB Flash Drives for Software and Con Files.
September 2008 We're finally settled in!
June 2008 Moving Day!
April 2008 Inside shot of our new location.
January 2008 TT (Technician Transport)
March 2007 New location!
February 2007 New Yamaha 150 HP 4-Stroke
November 2007 Control Equipment with a Pocket PC
June 2007 USGS Stream Gauging Kit
May 2007 Applied Microsystems SV Plus Sound Velocimeter
February 2007 New Equipment for 2007
September 2006 The Zodiac Futura MKIII
July 2006 The RV Packman High Speed Landing Craft!
March 2006 RDI HADCP's on the cover of Sea Technology!
October 2005 RDI Critical Firmware Update!
September 2005 Alaska project is finished! 31 ADCP moorings, 100% gear recovery, and 100% data recovery!
July 2005 New! 300 kHz RDI HADCP (Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
March 2005 50 Meter Turner SCUFA Fluorometer Data/Power Cables
February 2005 New 3500 meter Sea-Bird SBE-19 Plus CTD
December 2004 In memory of Tasha
September 2004 If you didn't think Compact Flash was tough enough for the marine environment...
August 2004 Duracell design change causes soldering problems
July 2004 Turner SCUFA Fluorometer as a Self Contained Instrument
June 2004 (no newsletter)
May 2004 New 300 kHz RDI Workhorse Sentinel ADCP
April 2004 We're now OrdersAssociates.com and OARSLLC.COM
March 2004 The Incredible Journey of the Nortek River Profiler
February 2004 New Ore Offshore (EdgeTech) Cart Release/Transponders
January 2004 (no newsletter)
December 2003 Happy Holidays from OARS!
November 2003 (no newsletter)
October 2003 Sea-Bird SBE18 pH Sensor
September 2003 Three types of Quick Releases
August 2003 Horizontal ADCP from RDI
July 2003 New Nortek Aquadopp 1 MHz Doppler Current Profiler
June 2003 New SCUFA III Rhodamine WT Fluorometer
May 2003 New Sea-Bird Software and a 90 meter Aquadopp cable
April 2003 Survey ready field computers.
March 2003 Floatation, the most important part of your mooring.